Briefing ~ M1 Tank Battle


I first decided on Mr 大塚明夫 Ootsuka Akio as Snake from hearing his voice acting of the character アナベル・ガトー Anavel Gato in Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory.
(機動戦士ガンダム 0083 STARDUST MEMORY, 1991 OVA original video anime, 13 episodes.
田中秀幸 Tanaka Hideyuki, voice actor of Otacon, was also in Gundam 0083, as グリーン・ワイアット Green Wyatt.)

Since Metal Gear, Snake covering himself with a cardboard box is an homage to Abe Koubou's "Hako Otoko (Box Man)". I am a fan of Abe Koubou's novels. And Snake hiding under a box is inspired by the main character Box Man.
(安部公房 Abe Koubou, 1924.3.7 ~ 1993.1.22, real name 安部公房 Abe Kimifusa.
箱男 Hako Otoko - Box Man, published 1973. Main character unnamed, known only as 箱男 Box Man, a self-proclaimed former cameraman who wanders the city with a cardboard box over his head. The book is in the form of his journal.)

Ocelot : "いいセンスだ。やはりボスと同じコードを持つ男 You got good senses. Indeed you are the man with the same code(name) as the boss."
The "boss" here is referring to Liquid. The word "code" is both referring to codename and DNA genetic code, it holds double meaning.