Bomb Disposal ~ Harrier-2 Battle


Having disposed of all the bombs, Raiden heads off to rescue the president. As he is about to leave the heliport, the new design model Ninja appears. The Ninja appears with a side flip motion, the motion which is clearly that of Olga's. The image is made to remind you of the encounter with Olga. Ninja's silhouette is that of the Cyborg Ninja in the previous installment. The imagery of the appearance resembles that in the previous installment, in accordance with the S3 Plan. Old users will think it is the Ninja from the previous installment. But upon closer observation, the details are different, and they will realize it is a new model. The body physique is not that of a woman's, but a neutral unisex style physique. It is not reinforced exoskeleton, but a worn outfit, a suit, and so the body line is not sharp like in the previous installment.
Together with Ninja's appearance, the sound effects of the Nose Rail (能勢電, pronounced noh-seh) can be heard faintly in the background, like in the previous installment.
(能勢電鉄株式会社 Nose Electric Railway Co.,Ltd. -
I had wanted to think up a good role for 塩沢兼人 Shiozawa Kaneto (v.a. MGS Cyborg Ninja), since before there was even a storyline, but there's just no character I can come up with in my mind to suit his voice, so he became the ninja again.
Ninja : "試験は合格、というところか"
This is referring to the test that The Patriots used Fatman to administer to determine the functionability of Raiden. It is here to be tied into later.
Raiden aims his gun at the sudden intruder, and Ninja responds by drawing the ninja sword and readying it. But Ninja doesn't go into an offensive stance, instead shows a defensive gesture, to let Raiden know that they are not enemies.
Ninja : "名前などない…おまえと同じだ"
This is the same Ninja's line as in the previous installment.
With the covered head and sensor eye and such, shadows and traces of the previous installment Ninja are present. Except this time it isn't a slim body, but a covered suit-like silhouette.
For an instant, the shield part of the helmet turns transparent, and a face can be seen, Olga's face. You can't tell who it is from this, but it lets you know that there is a person on the inside.
Raiden : "おまえがミスターX?"
Upon hearing the Ninja's voice, Raiden suddenly realizes it is the same voice from the radio contact.
Because the Ninja shows absolutely no vigilance against Raiden, Raiden also softens his defense.
And the Ninja sheaths the sword, and Raiden follows behind her without question. The screen fades out instead of following them down the stairs, to save time.

Ames : "そうか、オセロット、貴様… I see now, Ocelot, you..."
He was trying to say, "貴様も愛国者の手先か…" ("you too are an agent of The Patriots..."). But Ames was up to his last breath, and died.

Ninja jumps down from the ceiling, and swings the sword at Ocelot to help Raiden. The ninja sword is aimed to cut off Ocelot's left arm. Just before the sword makes contact, Ocelot retracts his arm.

Snake : "あの男の真似事はやめろ!! Stop imitating that man!!"
After looking at Solidus' face, Snake realizes that Solidus is purposefully making his appearance resemble that of Big Boss, with his hairstyle, mustache, and beard. Here Snake is telling Solidus to stop imitating Big Boss.

When I did character setting for Solidus, to make him not absolute bad (絶対悪), I had a group of old men called "The Patriots" appear, who runs the federal defense in the shadow.

Snake : "俺達は政府や誰かの道具じゃない。戦うことでしか自分を表現できなかったが…いつも自分の意志で戦ってきた We are not the government or anyone's tools. Even though we didn't know any other way to present ourselves except through battle... we had always fought under our own wills."
These were the words of Grey Fox, Ninja, in the previous installment. Snake quotes it to Raiden here.
Raiden : "大佐、メタルギアはもう起動してしまった… Colonel, Metal Gear has been activated..."
Both Raiden and the user are thinking that the new model Metal Gear is RAY. The fact is, since that RAY was the one Ocelot stole in the Tanker Chapter, it had already been active for a while.