Snake Eater Operation
Ocelot Battle ~ The Fear Battle

When they were doing CQC combat, The Boss planted a tracking device on Snake's body, that is why the Cobra Unit and Ocelot both know Snake's location. The device that is discovered when being interrogated by Volgin is this.
This entire scene is set up to feel like a Western, with the wind blowing and the grass and trees swaying.
That rolling ball of grass can also be set on fire.
Originally Ocelot doesn't make the cat sound here to call forth the Ocelot Unit, it was only going to be a head motion and the Ocelot Unit would appear.
The Ocelot Unit is guarding against Snake, and the GRU soldiers are guarding the entrance of the area to prevent the Cobra Unit from interfering with the duel.
Ocelot's revolver rotating gun-play here, it should be in the Guinness Book of Records. In the scene it is divided by edit cuts, but during motion capture it was filmed all in one take.
The moment of tension right before the duel was re-done many times in many different ways. Originally it is a completely Western movie style sequence, with shots of wind and swaying grass and trees, another ball of grass rolling by, the bullet around Ocelot's neck moving with the wind, and Ocelot relaxing and moving his fingers in anticipation of pulling out the gun, that kind of thing.
The boxes showing the two characters' eyes, that's from "24". This box screen appears a few more times later on in the game.
Aim for Ocelot's head, then shoot his beret hat to the ground, and he will go and pick up the hat in a hurry. Ocelot hates getting his hat dirty. Also, in the forest in the back is a markhor, because Ocelot likes markhors, if you shoot that markhor he will flip out.
This is the first in the industry! We get to see Ocelot defeat hornets using gun-play.
Also, for the gun-play we motion captured a famous gun-play expert, because of rotating too much, his fingers started to bleed.
The attack of the bees is meant to demonstrate the horror of The Pain, whom you will be fighting later.
Originally there was going to be a shot of bees going into a soldier's clothes through its openings, and the soldier's uniform was going to puff up because it's filled with bees.
This soldier whose face is all stung up, there was originally going to be bullet bees flying out of his mouth, nose, and eyes.
Notice the long screams of the attacked soldiers gradually changing into the wing flapping sound of the bees. This is a cross-fade morphing of sounds (like the one with the bees and the helicopter at the end of the Virtuous Mission).
Ocelot : "邪魔が入った!また会おう! Interference has appeared! We'll meet again!"
In MGS1, Ocelot says the same line and then leaves the scene in the same way.
Originally there were going to be so many bees that the entire screen turned black and there is zero visibility. But that wouldn't look good if you can't see anything that's happening.
It appears as if Snake jumped down the crevice on purpose, but really he just fell. Because the scene was originally completely black with bees, and Snake wasn't able to see anything. It's not very clear.
Initially, when you fall into the cave, it's complete darkness. But after a few seconds the eyes will adjust, slowly you'll be able to see around you. This time we tried to infuse physical phenomena into the game. While on the topic there are glowcap mushrooms in the caves, if you toss one, the surroundings will become illuminated. You can also catch crabs and eat them. The scene of crab eating is an homage to "恐怖奇形人間 (Fright of the Deformed Man)". Also, the concept of this cave is "川口浩探検隊 (Kawaguchi Hiroshi Exploration Team)" (laugh). Does the path continue forward this way? We tried to bring out this kind of feeling of fear and claustrophobia.
In the initial floor plan, Snake arrives at The Pain's area on a platform above ground level. And from the hole in the dome roof of the cave a dark cloud of bees would descend, completely darken the underground lake.
The bees would then gather around an isolated island in the middle of the lake. After they move away from the water, dead bodies of fish would float up to the surface one after another. The poison of the bees had completely annihilated all the fish in the lake.
In the finished game, Snake enters the area on the ground level, and the fish being killed by poison is cut.
Finally, the first assassin of the Cobra Unit. The Pain appears.
On his camouflage uniform is a small ventilation hole, all the bees entered his body from there.
The backpack of The Pain is placed at his behind to make him look like a bee.
The Pain : "我らはザ・ボスの息子達… We are sons of The Boss..."
This is a tie in with "Sons of Big Boss".
With white camouflage and face paint, the hornets won't attack you. This is a bee keeper trick. This was thought up at a honey shop when I was on a leisure trip to Karuizawa (軽井沢). If the bullet bee The Pain shoots out makes contact, it will continue to eat away inside Snake's body. If you don't cure it properly in the Cure Menu, life and stamina will keep decreasing, so beware.
The scene midway in the battle with The Pain was not in the original script, it was added later.
(Original script refers to the initial finished script, the script with which all voices were recorded.)
When the flying platforms fly by there are these ♪hyo-hyo-hyo~ sounds. I asked the sound staff to "use sound of UFO!" After the image of television drama "謎の円盤UFO (Mysterious Round Disc UFO)"! Attaching analog sound of the 70's. At that time, all the UFO sounds were this. This is a rare mangrove area, I hope you move around here wearing the Crocodile Cap.
Here when Snake reaches the warehouse his action is done in the spirit of the movie "Commando". Having already looked through the binoculars, he goes to the trouble of removing the binoculars and making sure with his naked eyes, and then once again look using the binoculars. It is a famous scene in "Commando". It's something inherited from Director Kitamura's MGS The Twin Snakes.
Notice how the sky turned to night time when Snake entered the warehouse area. In the preceding mangrove area, it was a sunset sky.
In the original script, it wasn't specified where on Eva's body the Colonel rests his hand to pass electricity into her.
(Original script refers to the initial finished script, the script with which all voices were recorded.)
When I was a kid, I watched this Hollywood movie, in this movie whenever the main character kisses a woman her pantyhose would pull a string and break. I suppose it means the kiss is spectacular. Eva's pantyhose breaking here is an homage to that. But the way the pantyhose breaks, it is different from my instructions. What I had wanted was for the pantyhose to pull strings vertically and break that way, but the effect that already took a lot of time to make had the pantyhose break in circles, so it ended up as that.
Eva's eyeglasses falling off originally happened during the first electric shock (when the Colonel had his hand on her shoulder). She didn't pick it back up until after the second electric shock.
After the eyeglasses fell, Tatyana's resemblance to Eva is increased. Being aware of this, she would not have let the eyeglasses be off of her face for so long, so the cut of her eyeglasses falling is moved forward to during this second electric shock. This way, Eva picks up the glasses and puts it back on her face right after it falls to prevent her cover from being blown.
Before Ocelot starts to juggle his revolvers, there used to be a scene here of Eva, being out of it because of the electric shock. Her thighs are visible under her skirt. The Colonel is looking at Eva, with a wicked smile on his face. Eva then tucks in the showing inner lining of the skirt. And she straightens out her skirt which got a broken slit and crumpled up when she fell. And in the scenes following, her skirt is neat. This entire sequence was cut in the finished game.
Just twirling two pistols became not enough for Ocelot, so he started juggling too. Seeing Ocelot go this far, and none of the people around stops him (laughs).
Also, the staple of the MGS series, the loss of bladder control (laughs).
The Boss : "勝手な真似はするな Don't act on your own recklessly. 奴は我々コブラ部隊が処理する Us the Cobra Unit will deal with him."
These two lines aren't completely clear. With the first line, The Boss is referring to Ocelot's reckless action at the crevice, taking on Snake in a duel without her orders. The 奴(him) in the second line is referring to Snake.
Ocelot, though angry, can not speak out at The Boss at all, he can only take it quietly. This is a face to face confrontation between mother and son.
With his revolver disassembled, like a child whose toy is taken away, Ocelot is angry, but he can't do anything except walk away into the warehouse, without saying a word.
Hearing that a member of the Cobra Unit is defeated, the Colonel is furious. He is punching the wall with bullets in his hands. It is known as the "bullet punch".
Notice how while the Colonel is speaking to her, The Boss is looking out at the water, at the direction of Snake. The Boss sees Snake. I don't think people got this.
When The End enters the scene, he is asleep, and his wheelchair appears to be moving on its own. Actually, The Fear is pushing the wheelchair, we just can't see him because he's got stealth camouflage on. I don't think people got this either.
The Fear, his hairstyle makes him look like a rock-n-roller.
It starts raining all of a sudden. The Colonel hates rain, and so becomes needlessly anxious and uneasy, and makes a tongue tisk sound.
Kuwabara, kuwabara (くわばら, 桑原), that's the 菅原道真 Sugawara Michizane spell to ward away lightning and thunder. The Colonel has a weakness with lightning.
(菅原道真 Sugawara Michizane/Doushin, 845AD ~ 903AD, scholar and politician. Highest rank reached 右大臣 Udaijin (899AD), a near top position of the highest government institution under 醍醐天皇 Emperor Daigo. 901AD, because of false accusation of treason and defection, stripped of title and lowered in rank to 大宰権帥 Dazaifugonnosochi. Afterwards died with dissatisfaction in heart in 九州 Kyushu.
After his death, Emperor Daigo's sons started dying of illness one after another, and the palace was frequently struck by lightning. It was believed at the time that Doushin became a thunder god after he died, and all the abnormal occurrences in the palace were brought upon by his vengeance. 932AD regranted position of 右大臣 Udaijin, more out of political reasons than mystical reasons.
Legend has it, that during the time frequent lightnings struck various provinces of Japan, only the territory governed by Doushin, the 桑原 Kuwabara region, was exempt from lightning attacks. And thus the name of the region became a spell people said during thunderstorms to avoid being struck by lightning.)
When the rain starts to fall, quickly press the R1 button. And see...
(The R1 scene actually starts after Colonel Volgin leaves with Eva.)
After the scene ends, it is possible to snipe at The End here (laughs).
If you kill him, there will be no The End battle at Sokrovenno, the area will become patrolled by the Ocelot Unit instead. (If you injure him here, The End will start the battle at Sokrovenno with lowered Life and Stamina.)
Also, in the moss jungle (Svyatogornyj South), the radio conversation with Eva changes. If The End is alive, she will give Snake information about The End. If The End is dead, she will give Snake information about the Ocelot Unit.
When Snake enters Granin's office, Granin is facing the other way, and Snake thought he was Sokolov, so his gun is put away. Then Granin rotates his chair around. Seeing it's not Sokolov, Snake quickly pulls out his gun.
Granin is angry that Snake doesn't know who he is.
Look how proud he is when he announces his name.
The flask in Granin's hand is filled with vodka.
In this scene inside Granin's office, we had Granin's motion actor Mr 久保隆 Kubo Takashi really drink whiskey, and filmed with him being drunk. It was shaky. Dialogue lines got skipped mid way, the studio stunk of booze, it was a fiasco.
The files Granin takes out from his desk drawer, they are designs and blueprints of Rex and Ray, along with photographs of bi-pedal walking experimentations that failed.
(The failed experiment pictures are not present in the finished game.)
If you look around Granin's office, there is a figure of Metal Gear Rex and a figure of Metal Gear Ray. To top it off there is even Jehuty (from Anubis Zone of the Enders) in there.
See the photograph of Granin and his American friend. It is in the settings that Granin was friends with Otacon's father, Dr Emmerich. At first, it was a photograph on a newspaper report, and it was designed that you will only be able to see it in first person view.
If you look in first person view here, you can see an early design of the Shagohod drawn by Shinkawa Yoji. By the way, it's not Sokolov's Shagohod, the story was that it was the technology leaked by Granin which became the link to the eventual Metal Gear. Germany's V2 rocket turned into the nuclear missile, Russia's technology turned into the Metal Gear, weapons also defect for development apparently.
This Shinkawa Theater sequence was originally composed of images of paintings, gold, and other treasures the Nazis hid, historical treasures. And images of the Second World War. Then the Colonel's father, and Colonel Volgin who killed his father. The entire thing ended up not being used. In the finished game it became images of files and text documents, and an illustration of Volgin's father.
The idea of the boots is that they don't suit Granin at all.
You have to feel sorry for him a little bit. Granin kind of likes Tatyana. Even though those are boots that come with a hidden tracking device, he's happy with them. Always only doing research, and then a woman like that comes near you, anyone would be shaken. However, not being taken in by this type of colored trap, is what being a true research scientist means. Granin who has a weakness for women but always loves his country, and Sokolov who remains faithful to women but defects from his country, these are the two types of scientists that appear this time in MGS3. A man who stays behind in the mother country, and a man who for the sake of his family abandons his country. I wanted to present this opposing comparison.
Granin : "要塞への侵入ルートを教えてやる。…そのかわり、必ず奴を連れ出し、シャゴホッドを破壊してくれ I'll tell you the infiltration route into the fortress... In exchange, you must lead that man out, and destroy the Shagohod."
Snake : "… ..."
Snake said nothing, but Granin decided one-sidedly that Snake's silence was him accepting the terms of the agreement.
Here it is! The punch card! The now already lost recording medium.
Granin : "もう夜明けだ。 It's already dawn."
This was supposed to be a shot of it becoming bright out the window. But there is no window in the final design of Granin's office.
(The shot is of the clock on the wall in the game.)
Granin : "資本主義に! To capitalism!"
This last bit of Granin's is wonderful. Voice actor Mr 青野武 Aono Takeshi (v.a. MGS Roy Campbell) did a spectacularly hot-blooded performance.
When Granin raises his vodka flask, he is doing a cheers pose to wish Snake good luck in his mission.
Look at The Fear, "The Predator" is showing. Hairstyle is rock-n-roller. His bow guns are William Tell and Little Joe.
Here we only see one of them, the William Tell, which The Fear uses for long distance combat. When The Boss tells Volgin about The Fear's defeat later on, she is holding the Little Joe, which is for short distance combat.
The Fear's long tongue, he uses it to pick up items.
The poison on The Fear's arrows is from the クロドクシボグモ Phoneutria Nigriventer, the most poisonous spider among all the poisonous spiders. Para-Medic will tell you the details.
(Native to South America. Body length 8cm. 0.01mg of its poison kills a 20g mouse. By estimate, less than 0.1mg of poison is enough to kill an average adult human. One spider holds around 8mg of poison, enough to kill 80 humans. Antivenin already available, it is said that human deaths from this spider are rare in present day.)
Snake, being poisoned, spasms and shakes and loses feeling, so all vibration functions become disabled.
(I assume this is referring to the Dualshock controller vibration functions. But I don't think this was implemented in the game.)
The Fear's limb joints are not motion captured, his limbs bending in opposite directions were done on the computer.
The Fear's death scene, the image of him stretched out on wires that are linked on trees, it is to make him look like a spider that has returned to its spider web.
By the way, if arrows hit Snake, they will appear stuck on Snake's body in the Survival Viewer. If you don't properly pull out the arrows when you Cure, the wounds will heal with the arrows still embedded. They will remain throughout the rest of the game! There can be a maximum of 64 arrows embedded. Definitely, go for the ending with lots of arrows attached! However, if you leave arrows attached to the head, you risk looking extremely silly, so beware!