Snake Eater Operation
Tikhogornyj ~ Groznyj Grad

This campfire site behind the waterfall, Eva uses this place frequently. The radio left here is what she uses to contact the KGB. It is a vacuum tube type radio transmitter.
If Snake enters this area behind the waterfall while in Sneaking Phase, Eva will just arrive. But if Snake reaches here while in Alert Phase, Eva will first take care of the enemies outside the waterfall, and then enter the cave. You won't see it directly, you will just see and hear it through light and sound effects. Some gun shot sounds followed by enemy screams.
Seeing Eva not eating, Snake offers her some snake on a stick. Of course Eva won't eat it, she's not hungry like Snake. This is a linking thread for later on. During the Eva escort rescue at the end of the game, you will need to heal Eva in the Cure Viewer, during which you will be able to look at her meal history. You will see that at this time, even on the battlefield, all of Eva's meals are luxurious meals.
Look how eye-catching Eva's chest is here when she is crawling towards Snake!
Originally, it was planned that Snake would make a throat gulp sound here. But it is too uncool, so I cut it.
Sushi (寿司) started to spread around the world in the 60's. The California Roll was also invented in California in the 60's.
Snake has never heard of it.
Thinking that Japan sounds like a "サバイバルな国 survival country", Snake wants to live there.
Eva molds the C3 into a heart shape. Snake will use this heart shaped piece of C3 the last.
We had considered many other different shapes for Eva to mold the C3 clay into, but still decided to go with the heart shape in the end.
Even though Eva tells Snake she won't come near the Shagohod hangar, she actually does. To steal the microfilm from the Colonel's vault. After parting with Snake, she will first head for the bridge to set the C3 there, then she will return to break into the vault.
Even though Snake asked for her real name, the fact that Eva ultimately did not tell it to him earned his respect. She stayed true to her spy-ness.
The timer for the C3 is different depending on the game difficulty.
05 minutes = Extreme
07 minutes = Hard
10 minutes = Normal
15 minutes = Easy
20 minutes = Very Easy
After Snake sets two C3 bombs, Eva will call. She has just finished setting the C3 bombs on the bridge. At the end of the call, Eva tells Snake she will wait for him at the bridge. If you try to contact her after that, the radio call won't go through. Because really she is sneaking into the Colonel's vault and searching for the Legacy.
We don't know which fuel tank will be the last one, so polygon demos for each of the 4 fuel tank locations were produced.
Because it's not specified where on the tank the C3 will be set, the position of the C3 during gameplay is not reflected in the polygon demos. In other words, no matter where on the tank the C3 is set, during the polygon demo the C3 will be set on a pre-determined position.
The C3 timer starts right after the last C3 is set. The timer being 5 minutes may seem long, but is really for the player's benefit. It would be troublesome if the player gets left with only tens of seconds to versus the Colonel.
This is the secret of the polygon demo here, the timer for the C3 explosion is ticking. During this long polygon demo the counter is still counting down. It is necessary to make time for both the polygon demo and the Colonel battle. You can cancel the polygon demo. To find out the count down during the polygon demo press the first person view button to see The Sorrow's time display any time you want. If time runs out, even during the polygon demo, it will result in Game Over.
During the polygon demo, there will be an explosion sound, and the screen will fade to white and then Game Over. This can happen any time during the polygon demo.
Look at Ocelot here (between him saying "臭いだ It's the smell" and "香水ではない It's not the perfume"), Snake is about to speak, and he is so anxious to impress Snake that he doesn't even wait for Snake to ask the question and already he answers.
Originally the Colonel doesn't destroy Eva's radio, this cut was added later.
After the Colonel says "殺すには惜しい… It would be a pitiful thing to kill her...", he laughs a strange laugh. It is hard to get across, but he's laughing because he's remembering some despicable and low-class memories in his head.
After the Colonel kicks her, Eva is reaching into her pocket for the Kiss of Death here.
Here, she's speaking under her breath so we don't get to hear it clearly, but she is saying "このクソヤロウ You piece of shit".
(This line is not sub-titled.)
After the Colonel uses his electricity "plasma" on Eva's Kiss of Death and it explodes, and the bullet hits the ceiling, Eva's right hand was originally going to get injured and start bleeding because of the small explosion.
(This scene was later changed into the Kiss of Death falling from Eva's hand, it doesn't explode, the bullet doesn't shoot out, and Eva's hand doesn't bleed.)
Snake : "「賢者の遺産」とはなんだ? What is this 'Philosopher's Legacy'?"
Snake waited this long and finally asks this. It's been on his mind all this time. He really doesn't know anything about it.
In the Colonel's following speech, originally we had planned another Shinkawa Theater, with some drawings of images from WWI up to WWII, drawings of the Philosophers meeting somewhere and joining together, scientists, the Cobra Unit, etcetera. In the finished game, it became a world map, war footage, and illustrations of Philosophers.
When the Colonel mention's his father, we inserted an illustration of Volgin's father. Originally it was the Shinkawa Theater drawings of collections of gold, world famous paintings, and treasures like that, and the Cobra Unit, etcetera.
This extra motion of the Colonel hesitating before deciding to hand the Philosopher's Legacy to The Boss was not in the original script, it was added later.
(Original script refers to the initial finished script, the script with which all voices were recorded.)
After The Boss takes the Legacy, first person view to see The Sorrow behind The Boss, holding an old style count down timer. When you look at him, he will shake a little, and for a while the timer will stop counting down. This is a method to lengthen the count down time.
(This is not implemented in the finished game.)
Originally, The Sorrow follows behind The Boss as she leaves with Eva.
(In the finished game, The Sorrow stays behind after The Boss leaves, behind Ocelot.)
The Colonel also says "待たせたな Sorry for the wait" like Snake (laughs).
(In the scene, he activates the elevator using an electricity blast.) In the original script, he simply presses a button to activate it.
This giant elevator is a freight lift used to transport cargo between the ground floor and the first floor basement.
The bright red outfit the Colonel has under his uniform is a rubber suit.
The link belt wrapped around his body holds huge 7.62mm rifle-use bullets.
The scene mid-way through the battle, time is ticking in this scene also.
When Ocelot leaves, without the Colonel seeing, he gives Snake a guts pose, as if saying "やっちまえ Do it."
Before exiting the hangar to escape the explosion, Ocelot looks back to see Snake escaping. This was not in the original script.
(Original script refers to the initial finished script, the script with which all voices were recorded.)
Eva will pick up Snake outside. If the player hasn't obtained the RPG up to this point, the RPG will be riding in the sidecar passenger seat.
Look at this! It is a Hollywood style big explosion!
When Ocelot catches up to Snake and Eva in the bike, originally he rides up beside Snake, and Eva attacks him by bumping into him with the sidecar passenger seat, knocking Snake over. It was changed into Ocelot riding up beside Eva, and her attacking him with her own body.
After Eva passes under the WIG, the WIG rotates and slides and then stops. This last cut is structured the same as the famous only photograph of the WIG.
The Colonel aimed the rocket booster at the approaching Ocelot on purpose. The Colonel did it because he saw Ocelot coming up from behind. Notice how he smiles after Ocelot screams from getting burned? That's his revenge for what happened during the duel in the Shagohod hangar.
The C3 on the bridge, you can shoot it with the RPG, and you can also shoot it with the sniper rifle.
Even if you have already run out of bullets, the weapon will have bullets, Eva has prepared extra supply of bullets.
Only the rear half of the Shagohod, the rocket boosters, has fallen with the bridge. In the original script, when Snake and Eva notices, the front half of the Shagohod is already falling out of smoke in the sky.
(In the finished game, scenes of the Shagohod leaping from the broken bridge into the air are added.)
(Original script refers to the initial finished script, the script with which all voices were recorded.)
Originally, after temporarily stopping the Shagohod with the RPG here, the front portion of only the Shagohod's arms separate again, and shoots out. It is a smaller version Shagohod for escape purpose. It is very fast, and light in movement. It has excellent mobility. Snake and Eva must now fight this.
(This battle concept was changed into Volgin standing on the Shagohod and connecting to its wiring somehow. The idea of Shagohod further separating was scrapped.)
Originally, after Snake gets off the sidecar, Eva also fires her weapon at the Shagohod to attract its attention away from Snake while Snake shoots it with the RPG7.
In the original script, here is where the battle ends. The small Shagohod explodes from the inside, and the Colonel comes out from the cockpit, his red rubber suit broken and his upper body nearly naked, all covered in blood. His face also completely red with blood.
His rubber suit that avoids electric charges is already broken into pieces. Electricity is still coming from his body, with sparks flying like a malfunctioning electric device.
He looks up at the storming sky and says "ふん、雷などなんともない Hum, thunder is nothing", and then looks at Snake and smiles. Immediately, a lightning strike hits him directly!
(Original script refers to the initial finished script, the script with which all voices were recorded.)
After the firework starts, a shot here of Snake dropping the RPG7 onto the ground is cut.
When Snake and Eva embrace, first person view here to see The Sorrow in the rain. The Sorrow is laughing, and there is no tear line of blood on his face.