Snake Eater Operation
Rokovoj Bereg ~ Ending

I had decided on a flower field as the stage for the final battle between Snake and The Boss since the very beginning. Because the flower field is the place where life cycles. Plants, to create the next generation, blossom flowers and seeds, then dies. And the seeds grow in the same location, and the entire thing begins again. This cycle mirrors the relationship between The Boss and Snake.
Originally, I had written the flower field as a field of sunflowers, because the sunflower is the most representative plant of mother and seed. The flower was changed because
(temporary and incomplete, will be re-written after I relocate the statement)

The Boss' sneaking suit was originally blue, like Solid Snake's sneaking suit in MGS1, so that she stands out in a field of skin colored sunflowers. But the whole thing was changed into a white suit in a white flower field, so that she melts and blends into the background.
The Boss originally carried the Patriot and another machine gun pistol, which came with a shooting goggle that's attached to the muzzle. The goggle would have looked like either an eye-shield or sunglasses. The Boss would have been wearing the goggle to hide her tears. The weapon and the goggle were both cut.

When Snake is aiming the Patriot at The Boss, the widescreen changes into fullscreen, telling the player that he is now no longer just watching the movie custcene, but is in control again. However, just like Snake, the player doesn't have any other choice but to pull the trigger, otherwise Snake's world, the story, the player's game won't go on. Just like Snake, the player doesn't want to pull the trigger, but has no other choice.
The white flowers turning red is the same image as in "Hero 英雄" (starring Jet Li and Zhang Ziyi). Except the petals are floating in the opposite direction. (Laughs)

The scar leaving The Boss' body is symbolizing The Boss' sorrow and pain finally leaving her, she is liberated at last.
Here (when Ocelot catches up to Snake in the hover platform), when Snake yells "Ocelot!", what we are really hearing is "Liquid!". The two have the same sound. (Laugh)
(The two names rhyme, in Japanese, the two names are pronounced "O-se-ro-to!" and "Ri-ki-do!".)
Originally, after Ocelot shoots one of the engines of the plane, the plane shakes, and Snake's utility belt falls out of the cargo and gets caught on something outside the plane. This was changed to Ocelot dropping the belt out of the plane instead, and it doesn't get caught on something, but falls into the lake.
The Snake-Ocelot fight was a lot of trouble to motion capture. We built a square set to imitate the small space of the plane.
Look at Ocelot's actions, he is really mimicking the CQC moves of Snake. Every time Snake does something, Ocelot immediately repeats the same technique. He is an elite indeed, he can learn Snake's techniques right after seeing them.
In many ways, Ocelot considers Big Boss his teacher. That is why many years later he joined Fox Hound, because he wants to be in the same organization Big Boss was in, even though when he joined, Big Boss was already dead. That is why Ocelot joined in Liquid's unit, even though Liquid did not know this reason.
Here (when Ocelot pokes Snake in the patched eye), the two of them exchange a look, it's like an inside joke shared between just the two of them.
When Snake hears The Boss' voice reminding him to remember the basics of CQC, that is from "Star Wars", direct copy. (Laughs)
Depending on which revolver you pick up, and what actions you take, there are several different cinema prepared, we hope you experience every one of them.
(There are four. Chambered gun but don't shoot, chambered gun and shoot Ocelot, chambered gun and shoot but miss Ocelot, empty gun.)

The Galena Air Base in Alaska, that's the familiar air base we know in MGS1.

Originally, it was going to be the CIA Director who gives Snake the medal. But it was later changed to the President who does it.
(US 36th President 1963 ~ 1969 Lyndon Baines Johnson, 1908 ~ 1973.)
This man, CIA Director, he is the one responsible for thinking up this entire mission, that is why Snake refuses to shake his hand.
(US Director of Central Intelligence 1961 ~ 1965 John Alexander McCone, 1902 ~ 1991.)
The man behind him, the Secretary of the Department of Defense (DOD), based on what he witnessed during this mission, will later create Fox Hound.
(US Secretary of Defense 1961 ~ 1968 Robert Strange McNamara, 1916 ~ 2009.)

This scene at the graveyard, together with the ending BGM, it was touching for the entire staff.
The term "patriot (愛国者)", used by Zero to Snake, and by Eva to The Boss. The term is not related to "The Patriots (愛国者達)" in MGS2.
The ending song, Starsailor's "Way To Fall", is a song that is a message from father to son. What a dying father leaves behind for the son. It is the message from The Boss to Big Boss, and from Big Boss to Solid Snake.