Added Eye Patch
The CQC demonstration at the Press Start screen, if there is a clear game save data in the inserted memory card, Snake will be wearing an added eye patch.

Download Camo Stealthibility
All the download camouflage uniforms have the same sneaking properties as the Tiger Stripe Uniform.
The Santa Claus Uniform isn't really the attention-grabbing eye-sore that was originally imagined to be.

The Havana
The brand of cigar Snake is smoking in the opening sequence appears to be a vintage 1964 Joya de Nicaragua, a popular cigar brand of that time.

Ghost of Bird
Rassvet, roof, two birds, one of them (the bottom one) turns into a phantom after being killed once. After it reappears it can no longer be shot nor blown up. Using the EZ Gun, the aiming red dot doesn't even register.
(Same thing also happens to one fish in the mangrove river.)

Ghost of Radio
In the game, you can shoot and destroy the radios on enemy soldiers' chests. However, if you destroy an enemy soldier's radio, then died in the same map, and then selected "Continue" to return to that map, that specific soldier's radio will return to full function. If you try to shoot and destroy that soldier's radio now, after you selected "Continue", it can no longer be done.

Different Dialogue
Virtuous Mission, after making contact with Sokolov, dialogue with Zero is different if you have killed enemies up to this point or have not killed enemies up to this point.

Possess Mousetrap Early On
After the Virtuous Mission Ocelot cutscene event, you can shake Ocelot and get a mousetrap from him.
Set the mousetrap in Rassvet, and when you return there during the Snake Eater Operation the mousetrap will still be at the same spot.
Use this mousetrap to capture the Tsuchinoko early on in Dremuchij or Chyornyj Prud.

Still Mobile
During the Cure tutorial at the end of the Virtuous Mission, eat a Fake Death Pill, and Snake will reach out with his supposedly crushed left arm.

Monkey Around
Equip the Monkey Mask at the end of the Virtuous Mission, it wil carry over to the opening sequence of Snake Eater Operation.
It is the only equipment that can carry over to the SEO opening.
During first person view R1 screens, for instance when looking at The Sorrow standing behind The Boss, the Monkey Mask will be obstructing the view the same way it does during gameplay.
The glow of the mushroom cloud illuminating the Monkey Mask is glorious...
The Monkey Mask is also the only equippable item during the game's ending. Crocodile Cap on the other hand is not equippable.

Different M1911A1
The M1911A1 at mission start and the M1911A1 received from Eva are different. The aim sight of the latter comes with white points.
That's attention to detail, production team.

Chaff Detail
During a chaff grenade's effect, the little light on enemy radios and on set TNTs flash in rainbow colors. That's attention to detail.

Croc Cap Smells
Enemy dogs are afraid of the Crocodile Cap.

Get Inside Helicopter
At Bolshaya Past Base, crawl under the parked helicopter, toss a grenade, then immediately eat a Fake Death Pill. After the explosion destroys the helicopter, use the Revival Pill and Snake will stand up inside the helicopter.
(Does not work all the time.)

Unlimited Ammo?
Ammunition of the stationary machine gun stands does run out.
The same goes with the machine gun stands at Bolshaya Past Base, and the different type of machine gun stands on the Krasnogorje Mountain.

Ocelot Can't Die
Ocelot battle, because Ocelot can't be killed, even if you defeat him with a lethal weapon, it will not count as a kill in the end evaluations.
However, you will not receive the Animal Camo.
(The same is true with the Volgin battle in Groznyj Grad, at the expense of the Cold War Camo.)

Ocelot Unit Can't Die
During the Ocelot battle, the Ocelot Unit in the back can not be killed, they are invincible.
But not against bees, apparently.

Invisible Flame
With Stealth Camouflage equipped, and the Torch equipped, enemies won't be able to see the torch flames.

Hive Of Pain Hornets
Equip Baltic Hornet's Nests during The Pain battle, and The Pain's bees will enter the nests, changing the nests into Hive of Pain Hornets, which will not rot.

Search Light
Shoot out the search light of a flying platform and that enemy will return to base to have the light fixed.

No Fake Drowning
In waist-high water, eat a Fake Death Pill, Snake will drop into the water and drown for real.

Real Life Like
Toss a live captured fish onto dry land, it will jump for a few seconds and turn into food ration.

No Escape
Graniny Gorki South, the site of The Fear battle.
When you first pass through at night, there are scientists impaled and hung by the various traps.
When you pass through the place again in the day time, the scientists are gone.

What's The Deal?
When wearing the Scientist Outfit, Snake can't equip weapons.
However, when captured by a rope trap while wearing the Scientist Outfit, Snake can still cut himself loose with the knife.
What's the deal?

Around The World Bug
Stand near a rope trap that hangs Snake up side down.
Toss a WP Grenade on the ground and set Snake on fire.
While on fire, step on the rope trap, then immediately cut yourself off by pressing the △ Button.
Wee~! I won't even attempt to describe it, you must see this for yourselves.
You can press the R1 bottom for a first person view of the entire area during the rise and the fall.
After the ride, just press △ Button again to cut yourself down and continue with the game like normal.
Incidentally, press △ Button during the long drop, and Snake will take the fall for real, and die on impact.
Bug fixed in MGS3 Subsistence.

Most Useful Use of the Cardboard Boxes
Graniny Gorki Lab (and Groznyj Grad East Wing), scientists, if you equip a Cardboard Box, you can run around in circles in front of the scientists, they will show curiosity at the running box, but they will never pull the alarm on you.

Another Useful Use of the Cardboard Boxes
When running up and down stairs, and hills, Snake's speed is lowered. If you equip a cardboard box, Snake's speed will be the same as if running on flat ground.

Deadly Spatsa
Climb a tree then eat a spatsa, Snake will fall and die from the drop.

Life Recovering Spatsa
Eat a spatsa and go to sleep, during the sleep Snake's HP recovery speed is increased.

Handkerchief Snake
Wave the Handkerchief in the air 3 times and Snake will knock out himself.
During the sleep, Snake's HP recovery speed is increased.

Scientists Get No Respect
Use a scientist as a human shield, and enemy soldiers will still shoot at you without hesitation.

Maximum Arrows
The maximum arrow wounds that can be on Snake is 64.
The maximum arrow graphics that can remain on Snake is 30.

Eternal Sting
Hold up an enemy face down on the ground, equip Hornet Stripe Camo, bring over a nest of bees, as long as you stay beside the downed enemy, the bees will continue to sting him.

Konami Code
During The End battle, input the Konami Code (↑↑↓↓←→←→□△) in the Map screen and The End's position will appear on the map.
This works on Very Easy, Easy, and Normal difficulties only.

Sniping Spots
The End has a total of 38 sniping spots.

Stop The End Photosynthesis
When The End starts his forest photosynthesis stamina recovery, eat a Fake Death Pill and the photosynthesis will be stopped.

Croc Cap Works
In the river of Sokrovenno West, equip the Crocodile Cap and lay down, after a while the screen will go into The End's first person view, and he'll say "Just a crocodile..."

Mousetrap Works
The Parrot can be captured by a mousetrap.

Ghost of Parrot
The End battle, if the parrot is alive, during The End's death scene, it will appear normally. If the parrot is dead, it will appear as a transparent spirit.

Long Ladder Length
The long ladder after The End battle has 260 steps.

Deadly Spatsa Part Two
While on the long ladder, eat a spatsa, Snake will fall and die regardless of how low he is on the ladder.

Helicopter 1-Shot Destruction
SVD, shoot the pilot.
SVD, shoot the small rear propeller.
RPG-7, just shoot.

The Secret Ingredient is Soylent Green
White-Rumped Vulture containing human flesh recovers more stamina than White-Rumped Vulture not containing human flesh.

Extra Fury View
The Fury encounter event cutscene, equip torch, one extra cut of Snake tossing the torch on the ground.
Equip Thermal Goggles or Night Vision Goggles, the first person view scenes will turn into those goggle views.

Water Pipes
During The Fury battle, you can shoot the red water pipes to put out fires.

SAA Effectiveness
The SAA is surprisingly effective against The Fury. Depending on a certain degree of luck, firing the SAA semi-wildly will win the battle surprisingly easily.

Handkerchief Ineffectiveness
The Handkerchief does not work on The Fury.

The Magic of Food
Groznyj Grad East Wing, the locked doors, if you toss a food ration in front of the doors, they open magically.

In scientist outfit, if you stand in the way of Raikov for a while, he will grab Snake's crotch.

Equip the Mask, and stand in the way of Raikov for a while, he will carefully examine your face and say "Beautiful..."

Not That There's Anything Wrong With That
The Book item has no effect on Raikov.

Snake Smells
With Raikov disguise, Snake can do anything he wants in the entire Groznyj Grad area, except where there are dogs. If they get a whiff of Snake, alarm will sound.

Dogs Can Eat Anything
Enemy dogs can eat rotton food and not feel discomfort.

Last Respect
Die in Raikov disguise, when enemies come around and see you, they will still salute.

SAA Walk And Shoot
Usually Snake can't walk and shoot the SAA, but while walking in water he can.

Save in The Sorrow's river, and in the Load Game screen, the save location will read "?".

The Sorrow River Maximum Occupancy
The maximum number of spirits of enemies you killed that can appear in this river is 100.

The End Roll
The Sorrow river, if you punch The End's spirit, he turns over.

Ghost of Book
Soldiers who died reading a magazine will appear in the river holding the magazine.

Memories of Sorrow
The Sorrow river, his projectile attacks, each time they hit, there is a flash of a memory. There are 9 different images of memory, telling the story of The Sorrow's life and death.

Fastest Way Out
The fastest way to pass The Sorrow's river is to wave the Handkerchief in the air 3 times. Snake will fall asleep and drown instantly.
However, you will not receive the Spirit Camo.

Importance of Maintenance
In the Groznyj Grad Shagohod hanger, if when Snake sets the 4th C3, all the Shagohod maintenance crew are either killed or unconscious, then when you later battle the Shagohod, its HP will start off lowered.

Colonel Doesn't Like Water
Groznyj Grad Volgin Battle, on the roof are red water pipes, shoot for water that will interfere with Volgin's electricity.

Equivalent Exchange
During the Volgin battle in Groznyj Grad, Ocelot is watching, toss man-made food items (Instant Noodle, Calorie Mate, Ration) to Ocelot and he will give you Life Recovery Medicine and SAA Ammo in return.

Another Chance
It is possible to kill Ocelot during the Groznyj Grad Volgin battle, for Thyme Pair o' Ducks.

Sweet Slumber
The enemy soldiers in Zaozyorje will never wake up if tranquilized or knocked out.

Dirty Eva
Tranquilize Eva and drag her across mud puddles and she will get dirty. Her hair will turn brown.

Heads Up
After Snake jumps down a cliff, Eva will follow. If Snake stands under Eva where she lands, he will take damage.

X-Ray Variety Show

Normal Poses

Full Healthexamines body (50% probability)
CQC and gun-aiming poses (50% probability)
examines body
1 ~ 2 Serious Injuriesexamines body in painexamines body in pain
3 or More Serious Injuriesexamines body in pain, can't stand, falls on one kneeexamines body in pain, can't stand, squats down
Stomach Acheexamines body, holding stomachexamines body, holding stomach
Coldexamines body and sneezesexamines body and sneezes demurely

Special Poses
(50% appearance probability at full health)

Early Morning Special
(5:00 ~ 6:59)
morning exercise posesmorning exercise poses
Prime Time Special
(21:00 ~ 23:59)
muscle building posesalluring poses, touching chest and hip
Late Night Special
(0:00 ~ 2:59)
covers crotch in shamesexy poses, laying on side

All Acid Passwords
"JEHUTY" unlocks ジェフティ.
"VIPER" unlocks ヴァイパー.
"XMEIGHT" unlocks 銃のXM8.
"MIKA" unlocks ミカスレイトン.
"KAREN" unlocks カレン北条.
"MAEB" unlocks 渋谷えり.
"ELYTS" unlocks 斉藤優.
"NOMEL" unlocks 吉田亜咲.
"SABRAGE" unlocks 小阪由佳.

幻の槌の子 Maboroshi no Tsuchinoko
Toss a live captured tsuchinoko, it will vanish into thin air.
(Just checking to see if you're paying attention.)