This was a document that surfaced some time before the 2004 E3 convention, widely known as the "leaked document". It is a voice casting sheet for MGS3 characters.
I had read a copy of it at the time, but didn't think too much of it, because it was just one of many such documents I've read about this game, and most of the characters described in it were already vaguely familiar in the rumor circles (Japanese), with most of the main ones already semi-confirmed by sketch artworks. So it didn't really grab too much attention. But afterwards, I found out that in the English gaming circles, this document was a big deal for some reason.
So I thought I'll transcribe it, for no other reason if just to have it present for comparison when the completed game is released.
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Male, 30s, Standard English. His real name is Jack. Naked Snake is the code name he uses in the VR Missions and during Snake Eater operations. He will later be given the name, Big Boss, and is the Big Boss of the future. 6'5" high, and his physical constitution are thick like 'Schwarzenegger'. He has more of an "all mighty", tough fighting style. He is a persistent, highly independant hero. FOX (Force Operations X), the special forces team that Snake serves with in MGS3, will eventually become the unique special forces team, "FOX-HOUND", formed at the end of the 20th century for solo infiltration and destruction.

Female, 40s, slightly British accent. A British American female. Real name is unknown. The code name she uses in the U.S. is The Boss. She serves in FOX's VR Missions. She gives support via radio transmission during the VR Missions. Her age is unknown but she is a gorgeous female soldier somewhere in her 40s and single. She is mother of Ocelot. She had experienced the world war. She was involved with the British SAS, the American Green Beret and SEALs, and sits high on the list of each country's special-forces legendary soldiers lists. She is currently proposing the establishment of a new special force unit. She is Snake's mentor, and the only woman that Snake loves.

Female, late 20s, standard English. Eva is a spy and Snake's supporting mole. Infiltrating the KGB, she acts as Sokolov's lover under the name Tatyana (nick name, Tanya). She is also romantically involved with Snake, but he doesn't know about her double identity (Tatyana and Eva). Eva is using Khrushchev in support of Snake. She is an ex-NSA code analyst, an American sexy blonde type super glamour chick. As Sokolov's helper (and lover), she infiltrates the GRU, where she also becomes the Major's lover. Actually, during MGS3, while working as a spy for China she falls for Snake while working together. She is a very wicked, fox-like woman, but likeable.

Male, 50's, British accent. Real name is David Oh. In "FOX" he's known as Major Zero. He will be referred to as Major Tom in the VR Missions, but his code name, Major Zero, will be used during the main story. He offers intelligence support to Snake via radio transmission during missions. He belongs to the CIA bureau of classified planning, and is the commanding officer of "FOX". Major Tom is British, an English gentleman. He is in his 50's and single. Aiming to create a task force of absolute secrecy to collect intelligence during the Cold War period, he organized "FOX". Major Tom has a British accent.

Male, 50s, standard English. He is the colonel/major of the GRU. His code name is Thunderbolt, real name Ephgeny Borisovich Volgen. He plays MGS3's villain role. He is a giant at over 6'7" tall. He is kind of a torture freak. Inheriting a fortune from the Assembly (his dead father's money laundering business was handed over), he builds an enormous base in Glasnigrad. Bringing in The Boss's group and the Brezhnev military faction, he seeks ultimate political power. A man of broad tastes, he keeps two lovers, one of them Lieutenant Raikov, the other Eve. He is the strategic operations commander of the enemy. He is an ex-boxing champion.

Male, high teens, standard English. He is Snake's old enemy and biggest rival. He has an incredibly handsome appearance, and is, in a word, cool. He is a pure, likeable young man. As a teenager under Major Volgen, he commanded the elite force. Ocelot, son of a legendary hero and was raised to be an elite. First encounters Snake in the VR Missions, he was put to shame in front of his subordinates. He hopes and hunts for a chance to someday get even with Snake. Even after that, Snake always seemed to be one step ahead of him. In awe of always being outdone, Ocelot comes to respect and hold deep affection for Snake.

Male, 20s, standard English. Ivan is a young GRU Lieutenant. An elite in the power hierarchy, he is next in line behind the Major, and also the Major's lover. In his 20s.

Female, mid-20s, standard English, raised in Eastern part of US. A Caucasian female who handles Snake's medical care via radio transmission. She is in her mid-20s, divorced. She is a "FOX" support member. She has a full, round look to her, and a motherly feel.

Male, mid-20s, African American accent. He is a Will Smith type, a 21st century young African American male. He is crazy about computers. A supporting member of "FOX", he appears in the main story of MGS3. Mr Sigint keeps tabs on Snake via radio transmission. He explains about historical or visionary weapons and gives advice on how to deal with certain enemies. As a member of the NSA, he is familiar with the most cutting edge electronic reconnaissance technology.

Male, 50s, standard English. He is a Russian scientist and his full name is Nicholas Stepanovich Sokolov. He is the man Snake must recover and escort back. He runs the planning and design department with Khrushchev (KGB) funds. Possessing a tall, emaciated body, he appears to be nervous but diligent. He is the inventor of Shaghad. In fear of his own creation, he hopes to leave Russia. Climbing the Berlin wall to the west side, he finds protection, but in Cuba Missile Crisis related dealings, is brought back to Russia. In the main story he is killed by the Major, Volgen, after making contact with Snake.

Male, 60s, standard English. He is another Russian scientist. His full name is Alexander Leonovich Glanin. He is short and fat, with a sly look and way of talking. A member of the Kosygin faction, he works in the Glasnigrad Planning and Design Bureau as a scholar, funded by the GRU. He is the inventor of a two-legged walking machine (the eventual REX). He is crazy about vodka. Troubled with the development of incorporating nuclear powered energy into his two-legged walking machine, he consults his American friend (the father of Otacon). After leaking information to Snake, he is tortured to death by Major Volgen.

Male, 50s, standard English. A surviving member of Cobra. He has the ability to manipulate and command large numbers of bees. He is a giant at over 6'7" tall. He keeps the queen bee in his backpack, using her buzzing sound to guide the other bees. His body is also covered with bees. When they fly, a beehive is left behind, formed in his hand. The beehive can then be thrown like a grenade, exploding into a swarm of bees. The Pain keeps a highly toxic, "bullet bee" inside his body. When he removes his skullcap, the bullet bee is released from his mouth. This bullet bee, much like a real bullet, is fired at high speeds.

Male, 50s, standard English. He is a surviving member of Cobra. His real name is unknown. His arms and legs are considerably longer than a normal person's, and he climbs trees much the same way that a spider would (he can pop his limbs out of joint and bend them backwards). Using rope he can rapidly travel through the forest and between trees. He is indeed a spider man. He has a long, insect-like tongue (forked through surgery) and can grab things with it.

Male, 50s, standard English. He is a surviving member of Cobra. His real name is unknown. He wears a black Soviet-made space suit, which serves as a replacement for actual fire prevention gear. He is very skilled with a flamethrower. Like The Boss, he has experience going into space as an astronaut, but suffered full body burns when traveling through the atmosphere. He can no longer feel pain, and does not talk much at all. He lives to create angry, wicked fire. Removing his helmet reveals a burn-distorted face.

Male, 50s, standard English. He is an ex-member of Cobra, already dead. He was romantically involved with The Boss, and the father of Ocelot. In battle together with The Boss, he lost his own life to save hers, and his corpse still rests below a suspension bridge in Cherno Yarsuki. He becomes an ally of Snake. Since he is a ghost, he does not speak outside of the boss battle. He gives off a sense of intelligence and the feeling of a philosopher. His personality is dry and serious. He is unarmed and very weak when it comes to combat. He can use his spiritual mental power to communicate, and has the ability to summon the dead.

Male, 100 yrs old, standard English. A surviving member of Cobra with a code name (The End) that implies the meaning "demise". His real name is unknown. He is the oldest member of Cobra and taught The Boss everything about sniping. This legendary sniper was born in the 1860's, he will soon be more than 100 years old. He is the founder of all modern day sniping techniques, from stalking and ambushing, to general know-how. With lichen living parasitically in his body, he is a living miracle. Through the photosynthetic properties of the moss living in his body, he can survive without eating or drinking anything.

Male, 70s, Russian accent. The current Russian president, and head of a moderate faction, he worked on a secret agreement with U.S. president Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He pledges an oath to succeeding president Johnson on the innocence of American officials. He also gets Eva to cooperate with him by being a spy for the KGB. Based on tips from the KGB Head, Khrushchev keeps updated on the workings of the GRU and the Major.

Male, 50s, standard English. The current president of the U.S.A., Khrushchev is after American innocence. He appears in the ending commendation ceremony.

Male, late 20s ~ mid 30s.

Male, late 50s ~ 60s.

Female voice.

Male, late 20s ~ mid 30s.

Male, 30s ~ 40s.

Male, late 20s ~ 40s.